E X P E C T E  D   R E S U L T S
The actions of the project foreseen to secure the long term conservation of the habitat types '*5220 - Arborescent matorral with Ziziphus' and '*1520 - Gypsum steppes' in Cyprus.
More specifically, the expected results of the project are:
  • The consolidation and dissemination of knowledge on:
  • The composition and structure of habitat type *1520.
  • The anthropogenic impact on the ecological conditions of both targeted habitats (*5220 and *1520).
  • The effective participation and governance methods for the conservation of the targeted habitat types.
  • The effective monitoring and conservation methods through the elaboration of habitat protection and restoration guidelines and monitoring protocols.
  • The habitat demarcation, improved inventorying and mapping of the targeted habitat types.
  • The restoration of 1 ha of habitat type *5220.
  • The restoration and enhancement of habitat type *1520 (0.1 ha and 0.1 ha, respectively).
  • The re-creation of habitat type *5220 (2 ha).
  • The update of the existing Standard Data Form (SDF) for Natura 2000 site "CY6000006 - Ethniko Dasiko Parko Rizoelias" (Rizoelia National Forest Park), in Cyprus.

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Improving the conservation status of the priority habitat types *1520 and *5220 at the
R I Z O E L I A   N A T I O N A L   F O R E S T   PARK